The pleasure of losing weight

The Alligator belt allows you to lose weight by naturally regulating your appetite. Weight loss without frustration and without dieting!

I discover the belt

About the inventor

Dr Allibe, former visceral and digestive surgeon, inventor of the Alligator belt

“I have operated during my career on obese and overweight patients who therefore had to undergo stomach reduction procedures. Difficult to agree to remove during these interventions, even in part, organs, perhaps distended but healthy in most cases. This invasive intervention requires follow-up during their convalescence, their rapid weight loss phase and then, sometimes, during their despair when they regain weight...
My reflections, based on human anatomy, led me to develop a gentle and non-aggressive therapy, well accepted and which participates in the regulation of appetite, without violent constraints or drastic diets. »

– Dr. Jean-Pierre Allibe

Photos: Portrait of Dr Allibe / St Laurent du Maroni Hospital in Guyana where Dr Allibe practiced and began to think about his satiety belt project

Gentle therapy that works!

Natural weight loss without constraints

  • Dice proven results

    User testimonials and usher-controlled tests attest to fast and effective results

  • Effective satiety

    Thanks to the belt, you are quickly satiated. It's mathematical, the less you eat, the more you lose weight!

  • A non-invasive therapy

    Easy to put on and take off, it accompanies you all day or simply at mealtimes

The slimming belt without a diet!

Invented by a surgeon for his patients

The ALLIGATOR belt is fixed around the waist. It includes an inflatable pocket actuated by the user via a bulb. By activating the inflation bulb, the user causes a gentle compression effect on the stomach area , reducing its filling capacity.

The effect obtained is satiety , first relative then chronic.

The Alligator belt can be worn discreetly under clothing, like a lumbar belt.

This patented innovation was invented by Doctor Jean-Pierre ALLIBE, after many years of research, observation and experimentation.

The Alligator belt helps fight diabetes, often associated with obesity

Many testimonials attest to particularly convincing results on the effectiveness of the Alligator Belt. These tests are carried out with witness users, under the supervision of Maître Emmanuel.FAVRE-TEYLAZ, Associate Bailiff, 136 boulevard des Jardiniers, 06200 Nice. The summary of these results will be published shortly.



"Several times I tried to lose weight with multiple diets without any results. With Dr. Allibe's process in two weeks I lost 1.8 kg and 3cm in waist circumference"


"With extra pounds following my second pregnancy, thanks to the Alligator belt in 15 days I noticed a loss of 1.3Kg and about 1.8cm in waist circumference, it's ENCOURAGING over the coming weeks!! !"


"I tried several diets that never worked because they were too restrictive. With Dr. Allibe's process, after three months I lost 10 kilos and 15 cm from my waistline. That's the goal I had fixed myself"


"Hello, after surgery where I suddenly went into menopause, I gained 8kg and couldn't lose it. In 3 weeks, I lost 1kg without making any effort and suddenly I regained my confidence in me"


"I am 70 years old, I am 1m60 tall and since the age of 20, I have gained 1 kg per year (plus 5 kg after pregnancy and 8 after quitting smoking). I dieted regularly, at the beginning , I lost easily then it got harder and harder (1 month to lose 1Kg regained in 1 meal with friends) and I gave up. Finally, I tested the patches, the "natural" treatments etc.. In June I saw an article on the alligator belt and I ordered it without believing it.It arrived (size XL of course) and I put it in a closet thinking that I had I still threw away money for nothing. Then on September 1st, my birthday, I weighed myself (which I hadn't done for years) and discovered that I weighed 96 kgs. Exactly double my weight. what I weighed at 20. So I took out the belt. I haven't changed my food preferences, done nothing in particular except two weekly 30-minute breaststroke sessions in the pool. are I invited or I received friends and I did not put the belt. I had decided not to weigh myself for 3 months so as not to be discouraged. On December 1, I stepped on the scale: 85 kg! And 15 cm less waist circumference. I have to order another L-belt!!!!"


"I've been wearing the belt for lunch and dinner for 3 weeks and I've already lost 4 pounds. Even when I can't wear the belt at party or restaurant, I already feel my stomach shrinking because I have less appetite. I naturally choose to have either the cheese or the dessert at the end of the meal. If this continues, I will achieve my goal of losing 10 kilos in 3 months"


"I tested this belt after trying to do diets that didn't work and I'm very happy with the result. Putting it on at night for 10 days I saw 1K200 and 2cm in waist circumference, I continue "

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